dsc01326This painting was completed for my Mother and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary.  A companion painting was done of Dad for the 50th anniversary as well.  Mom will be 102 years old, September 20th.  She was living at her house alone at 100 years old and still did much of her housework and meal preparation.  She recently sold her house, moved to assisted living in Appleton and enjoys playing  “sheep head,” (card game) for an hour every night.   Still has a good mind, able to walk and is always grateful.

Mom traveled with us until she was in her late 90′s. We tried to include her in our travels in the states.  Among other places, Mom went to a Packer game with us in Seattle when Reggie White intercepted a pass.  He didn’t quite make it to the end zone.  Packers had a sizable lead by the end of the 3rd quarter.  Not too many Seattleans hung around for the final count down.

Size: 24″ x 30″

Honoring Seurat


Received  inspiration  from the “Pointilist Art Movement” done during the Impressionist art movement.  Georges Seurat, 1859-1891, was one of the main influences of the Pointilist style.  I had  fun with paint in a different approach.  Also extend the painting into the frame.  This painting was done long ago in the 1960′s.

Size: 22″ x 52″



This is my Dad which was painted in honor of Dad on his 50th wedding anniversary.  Of course, I also did a companion painting of my Mother for the event as well.  Dad had a stroke late in his life,  but was with us several years after the stroke.  He died  December 29, 1989.

Size: 24″ x 30″



The painting shows David our son on his patio in Minnesota.  I worked on this painting a few years ago, but never finished it.   Hope to work on it eventually to bring the painting to completion.  Still need to work on the face and shirt.

Size: 30″ x 38″